Dry Water Arts - Beyond Boundaries Toward Togetherness

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Dry Water artists are interested in giving children the means to engage in learning for life in meaningful ways, making their time at school as enjoyable and relevant to them as possible.


We believe teachers equally want to enjoy their time at school and to be challenged and involved in learning with the children; to share in active engagement and to be excited as educators.

We plan in consultation with teachers and children.  Purposeful reflection ensures that our projects remain embedded and sustained after the project ends.


Key to our success is mapping and embedding key curriculum targets and topics to our arts activities.


Dry Water arts and eduction projects have included:



  • Yoga and mindful movement


  • Visual arts and child centred display


  • Music, maths and composition


  • Bringing history to life


  • Children's opera


  • Scientific exploration


  • Sports event related projects


  • Costume and set design


  • Outdoor Learning - Sense of place


  • Literacy and Creative Writing Programmes


  • Speaking and Listening Programmes


  • Raising pupil voice, ambassador programmes of excellence. “Good to be me”.


  • SEALS programmes/Emotional Literacy/Every Child Matters.





KS1 & KS2


"Dry Water Artistswork extremely well as a team. They complement each other. We found them to be extremely dedicated and committed to the school. They had a good professional relationship with the children. They would consult the children and involve them in the planning of activities and also get feedback from the children. They were constantly evaluating and adapting what they were doing to make it child centred and child led. The children had a real ownership of the project.


The project which they led at our school was not an easy task. We are a large 3 form entry primary school, with a large staff. They worked with year 5 and year2 (6 classes) on a “Good to be me” project. The aim of the project was to unite the school and do some cross phase work. Due to the work Dry Water  carried out in our school the following happened:


Good quality C.P.D led byDry Water Artists to a large staff.

Enhancing the personal, social and emotional side of a child's education.

Bringing staff together and working together who had never worked together before.

Promoting circle time activities.

Promoting the non-verbal cues.

Promoting reflection.

Promoting cross phase links.

Good quality planning which is now embedded in the school.

Uniting staff and children.

Dry Water would be an asset to any school. As a school we would highly recommend them."


Deborah O'Callaghan

C.P co-ordinator

Whinfield Primary School Darlington