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Intergenerational Work - the power of the "ING" !

Intergenerational delight in "ING"


The power and beauty of IMPROVISING

Dancing, singing, talking, acting,  laughing, joking, reading, writing, making, sharing, creating and enjoying.




This pilot project was a partnership between Dry Water, Marine Park Primary School and Princess House Residential Home.

The project was one of intergenerational and reciprocal exchange between year 6 pupils and elders living with dementia.

The project was a part of Marine Park Primary's positive approach toward community engagement and specifically toward dementia friendly communities.


The young people developed their social skills and discovered the joys of sharing their ideas with elders.


Elders in turn enjoyed the delight of being in the "here and now" and sharing their creative talents.

The Emmelina Waterbucket Project

The Emmelina Waterbucket Project Photos

Dry water is committed to contributing to Dementia friendly communities through a reciprocal intergenerational approach. We have developed a unique way of working. Recent projects have demonstrated that communication, involvement, engagement, empathy and confidence increased for all participants.



"Princess House has worked with the Dry Water Company on several projects and they have never ceased to amaze us each time they visit. The last project “Emmelina Waterbucket” involved working with Dry Water and some children from Marine Park School. This brilliant collaboration of young and elder people, seeing each other as equals and striving towards the same goal was truly magical. The relationships formed were truly genuine and gave each participant an upbeat mindset, not just during the session but for the duration of the day.  This was all made possible, thanks to the ingenious work  from Dry Water, who we couldn’t thank enough! "


Liam Steele Princess House Residential Home

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