Dry Water Arts - Beyond Boundaries Toward Togetherness

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"I found Dry Water Artists could identify opportunities within our locality to use as resources outside the classroom and link this to areas I was covering. This encouraged my children to feel part of not just our local community but opened their eyes to global issues and expanded their horizons. They were insistent that each child has something unique to offer and encourage each child to see themselves as contributors. This has been invaluable in a school like ours which is in an area of high deprivation and children's life experiences are severely limited.


The impact has been both academic and social.


Speaking and listening skills have improved due to the unique and focused circle time activities Dry Water made with and for our children.  I can build on these in Literacy and Numeracy as well as foundation subjects. This has led to an increase in children's confidence and their willingness to participate and become valued members of the group."


Gail Maddock

Class Teacher Years 6 and 3

Marine Park Primary

Hatfield Square

South Shields