Dry Water Arts - Beyond Boundaries Toward Togetherness

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“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein

The Dry Water approach to Early Years is fundamentally child centred  and fosters curiosity, self esteem and individuallity.


We enable children  to explore, experiment and express at their own pace according to their individual learning styles.


Creativity is at the heart of all learning expeiences.


We believe that  children  learn best when their individual imagination and interest is actively supported and appreciated.


We use a wide range of intelligent, high quality materials designed to prompt enquiry in the learner.


We work with the premise that there is “magic” and meaning everywhere and that each person is unique.


Our work has included:

  • Child centred learning using intelligent   materials

  • Parental engagement

  • Documentation using the Leuven Scale

  • “Every Child a Talker”

  • Outdoor Learning Environments/Forest   School approach.

  • Creating and discovering environments.

  • Story walking

  • Speaking and Listening

  • Expressive movement and music

  • Numeracy, rhythm and patterning

  • Child centred sorting/ classification   strategies

  • Visual exploration in 2d and 3d forms.

  • Outdoor gallery and textiles / felt   making, weaving etc

  • Environmental art using found materials

  • Kites and wind galleries

  • Fire pit - Damper making and outdoor   cooking.




“I would recommend Dry Water to all settings. They have really increased the range of talking amongst the children. The children who are quiet in class really had the chance to open up. They not only enabled the children to speak but also boosted their confidence, vocabulary and emotionally helped them to express themselves. In fact the project with Dry Water contributed to their overall development ” Stanhope Primary