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Welcome to our website


We are a small artist led not for profit organisation based in North East of England.


Ours is a non hierarchical organisation which seeks to maximsie  the benefits  and outcomes of projects by minimising admin and overhead costs.


We are  all about flexible bodies and minds, about possibility , community and sharing.


We do a lot with a little....


“I can’t believe what we have all done….just by starting with a cup of tea”


We are small but like the tardis we feel we can open up whole territories of possibility.


Experience has taught us that there is great knowledge , dignity and value to be found in honouring the everyday and the incidental. It is though noticing the personal that we can begin to impact on the universal and start to bring about change.


“ We are all here doing this thing, making patterns and movements  but then the subconscious comes in and you see something else, you see a meaning” Maggie participant at Willow Burn Hospice


Dry Water Arts   seek to  encourage, release and celebrate the  creativity and curiosity of communities whether that be in the context of a village hall or in an art gallery. We are about making art; quality art that reflects and respects those who we work alongside and also challenges and asks difficult questions…of ourselves of those we work with and of the society we live in.













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Dry Water is a Not For Profit Company Limited By Guarantee.

Company number 09530690

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